High-Quality Comprehensive Solutions as a Transformer Company

Transformadores Eléctricos Álvarez, S.L. (TEA) is an electrical transformer company with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Our dedication and commitment have made us leaders in the manufacturing, repair, and maintenance of electrical transformers, motors, generators, and wind turbines.

As a transformer company, we offer high-quality comprehensive solutions backed by a team of highly skilled experts and state-of-the-art technology. Our specialization covers a wide range of services.


We have a team of specialized engineers who design efficient electrical transformers tailored to our clients' needs. We guarantee high-quality products and optimal performance.


We offer professional assembly services, ensuring the safe and efficient installation of transformers and related equipment. We work with precision and care on every project.


Our highly trained transformer manufacturers' team is ready to provide fast and effective repair and maintenance services to restore the optimal operation of your equipment.

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Choosing TEA as your electrical transformer manufacturer has multiple benefits

At our electrical transformer company, we offer a range of advantages that make choosing us as transformer manufacturers the best decision. Our reputation is built on the following key benefits:

Broad scope of action

We serve clients both throughout Spain and multiple international customers. Our activity in various markets allows us to adapt to the global needs of the electrical industry.

Specialized technical team

We have a team of technicians with extensive experience in transformer manufacturing. Additionally, we stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technological advances through ongoing training.

Quality in every product

We use the latest technology and excellent materials to manufacture our electrical transformers. Quality is a fundamental part of our production process.

Customized transformers

By manufacturing our transformers from scratch, we have the ability to tailor them to your specifications and requirements. We offer personalized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Need a transformer? Custom design and manufacturing

We are a leading transformer company in the industry, thanks to our innovative, efficient, and constantly evolving team. No matter where you need a transformer installation, we are ready to carry out the work.

Our experience extends to both corporate and individual projects, ensuring that your requirements are met with precision. At TEA, quality of design and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

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Going the extra mile by offering transformer repair service

You can also contact us if you have generators or wind turbines

We not only specialize in the manufacturing and design of high-quality electrical transformers but also go the extra mile by offering a comprehensive repair service. We understand that transformers are critical components in various industries, and uninterrupted operation is essential.

Our transformer company also has the expertise and knowledge required for the assembly and repair of generators and wind turbines, complex technologies that require specialized maintenance. We are ready to travel to your factory or site where a breakdown has occurred to carry out this repair.

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We bring electrical to transformers where you need them

Our electrical transformer company offers solutions tailored to global needs. Our versatility and experience as transformer manufacturers allow us to serve a wide range of sectors, including naval, industrial, and energy.

Transformers are essential elements for regulating electric current voltage, and at TEA, we understand the importance of providing tailored solutions for our clients. No matter where you are, we are willing to bring our electrical transformers to you.

To adjust electrical voltage in your industry, there is no better way than having a transformer designed specifically for your needs. With our transformer company's services, you will get efficient and reliable solutions that boost performance in your sector. Trust us to bring electricity wherever you need it.

Find out now what TEA can do for you with its transformers!

At Transformadores Eléctricos Álvarez, we offer a wide range of high-quality services. As prominent transformer manufacturers, our highly specialized team is dedicated to providing comprehensive and tailored solutions for our clients. From design and manufacturing to assembly, repair, and maintenance of transformers, everything you need can be found at TEA.


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