More than 40 years dedicated to the assembly of electrical transformers

The world of transformers requires specialized technicians to ensure efficiency and the highest quality on every project. At TEA, we have a long-standing track record of over 40 years in the field of designing, manufacturing, and assembling electrical transformers.

The design of electrical transformers is a fundamental part of our work. Our highly skilled engineering team is dedicated to creating custom transformers that meet the specific needs of our clients. We use cutting-edge technology and quality materials to ensure that our transformer designs meet the most demanding standards.

We carry out the manufacturing of electrical transformers with precision and attention to detail. Each step of the process is performed with the highest level of quality control to ensure that our products are reliable and durable.

The assembly of transformers is a critical task that our specialized technicians perform with maximum efficiency and professionalism. We are committed to providing electrical transformer solutions that exceed our customers' expectations and contribute to the success of their projects.

What is a transformer and how does it work?

Electrical transformers are fundamental devices in the distribution of electrical energy. Their main function is to change the voltage of the electric current without altering the frequency. The transformer design consists of two wire coils, known as the primary coil and the secondary coil, wrapped around a magnetic core.

Designing electrical transformers involves determining the number of wire turns in each coil to achieve the desired transformation ratio. When current flows through the primary coil, it creates a magnetic field in the core that induces a current in the secondary coil. This allows for an increase or decrease in voltage according to the turns ratio between the coils.

Transformers are essential in transmitting electrical energy over long distances, as they enable voltage to be increased at the source and reduced again at the destination. Proper assembly of electrical transformers minimizes energy losses in the process.

At TEA, our commitment to transformer manufacturing ensures that these devices operate effectively, contributing to the reliable supply of electrical energy.

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Tell us what you need, and we'll design the transformer for you

We understand that every company and project has unique requirements. That's why we specialize in the custom design of electrical transformers to adapt to all demands. Our highly skilled engineering team is ready to listen to your requirements and create a transformer design that precisely meets your needs.

Whether you need a transformer for industrial, energy, or any other sector applications, we are prepared to create the perfect solution. Custom manufacturing of electrical transformers is our commitment, and we do it with the highest quality and precision.

Trust us to provide transformer assembly that fits seamlessly into your project and helps you achieve your goals efficiently and reliably.

Some of the electrical transformers available to you

At TEA, we not only specialize in the design of electrical transformers but also provide high-quality manufacturing and assembly services for transformers. Our commitment is to provide reliable and efficient equipment that meets your specific requirements, ensuring a stable and safe power supply.

We offer a wide range of electrical transformer manufacturing services to meet various needs in power supply and distribution. Some of the most notable types of transformer designs include the following:

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Single-phase transformers

This design of transformers is ideal for lower-power applications and is commonly used in residential distribution systems. Their efficient design and compact size make them perfect for adjusting voltage in single-phase networks.

Three-phase transformers

The assembly of three-phase transformers is essential in industrial and commercial applications where a more robust and efficient electrical supply is required. Their design and construction allow for better load balancing in three-phase systems, making them an ideal choice for the industry.

Our transformer manufacturing service knows no limits!

At TEA, we take electrical transformer manufacturing to the next level. We have the most advanced technology in transformer assembly and the highest technical standards to create top-quality transformers with outstanding performance.

Our commitment extends from the design of electrical transformers to their construction. We work tirelessly to provide customized solutions for companies in Galicia, Spain, and abroad. We understand that each transformer manufacturing project is unique, which is why we don't impose limits on the customization and performance of our equipment.

We are leaders in the electrical transformer assembly industry, providing exceptionally high-quality products that enhance electrical supply in various sectors. If you're looking for a reliable and efficient electrical transformer design, with TEA, you can exceed your expectations and meet your specific needs.

Get in touch now and request a quote for your electrical transformer manufacturing!

We are here to answer all your questions about electrical transformer assembly, clarify your doubts, and provide detailed information about our transformer manufacturing services. Our team of experts is ready to listen to your needs and design the perfect solution for your project.

Contact us and discover how we can assist you with electrical transformer manufacturing for your needs. We are here to offer cutting-edge electrical solutions.

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